Lady Greenwood

Lady Greenwood is more than just a monthly box. It offers access to a community of Black women entrepreneurs and health and wellness professionals in Tulsa. You can connect with them through a dedicated platform designed to support, encourage, and inspire members. It’s a place to learn about the monthly box’s featured businesses, share your own knowledge and experiences, and participate in virtual events and workshops on wellness, personal development, and entrepreneurship.

The Lady Greenwood Subscription Box also celebrates Black culture and innovation in a variety of ways. Each box has a different theme that represents the rich and diverse heritage of Black Americans and their contributions to the world. For example, a box could be themed around Black health events and wellness items. This not only highlights the creativity and beauty of Black culture; it also nurtures a sense of pride and belonging among subscribers

Lady Greenwood is much more than a subscription box; it’s a movement. It takes a stand for Black entrepreneurship, economic empowerment, and social justice. Supporting Black women business owners in Tulsa, not only contributes to their success; it also helps revive a once-thriving community destroyed by systemic racism. Connecting Black women across the state of Oklahoma creates a new network and platform for collaboration, innovation, and inspiration.

The Lady Greenwood Subscription Box is more than a gift; it’s a symbol of hope and resilience. It honors the memory of the past and inspires the future. It creates opportunities for women to succeed and support each other in a world that often fails to see and value their contributions. Whether you’re a professional Black woman or a holistic health enthusiast, you can benefit from Lady Greenwood’s message and mission. By subscribing to the Lady Greenwood Subscription Box (valued at $150), you can be part of the movement that redefines Black entrepreneurship, health, and wellness. Shipping is not included!

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Current List of Vendors:

  • Tamiqua Whittaker – Queen Kisses – Sample Lip Exfoliator Scrub
  • Tanisha Scott – Girlz Talk – Water bottle
  • Grace Owa – MissNile Natural Beauty Products – Deodorant
  • Ebony Jones – 8twenty8 LLC – Period Tea
  • LaChelle Wells-Dixon – Titilayo herbs – Bath Salt
  • Katina Walker – Roots Skincare – Yoni Oil
  • Michelle Baker – Align Minerals – Sea Moss Gel
  • Sanicle – Period Passport Book
  • Dr. Sharde’ Roebuck Turner – Xclusiv – Ayurvedic facial mask and ear seeds kit
  • Shyah Dickerson – Little Engine Project – The Lineage of Love book
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