Our Mission

Sanicle is a femtech company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, revolutionizing workplace wellness, as a groundbreaking health AI app designed for menstruators navigating the professional landscape. Tailored for those eager to prioritize menstrual health in the workplace,  Sanicle caters to the needs of menstruating individuals, fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment.  positioning leaders in prioritizing employee health, promoting inclusivity, and contributing to a positive shift in workplace culture. 

 Sanicle has developed a range of creative initiatives and campaigns, including The Period Passport Book, community app,

Menstrual Health Summitand the Period Genie game on Google Play.

Word from CPO

We started with a mission to end period poverty and we’ve been committed to women’s sanitary causes. This journey started at different times for all our team members

We believe everyone in need should have free and easy access to safe and hygienic period supplies. Our goal is to eradicate period poverty by 2030. 

We embarked on this journey to provide education and resources to every girl in need. The product proceeds and commitments of the team are a direct impact of the lives of those who can’t access the same resources we do.

Sanicle was created to build the communication gap between fathers and their daughters talking about menstruation. Inspired by the realization that women’s menstrual care needs were often overlooked in various workplaces, I recognized the pressing need for comprehensive solutions. My dedication was further fueled by his own experiences and the stories he heard from women across different industries. Understanding that menstrual care played a crucial role in women’s productivity, satisfaction, and health, I saw an opportunity to create a positive impact on their lives and the environment. With a strong desire to empower women and promote sustainable practices, I set out to revolutionize the femtech industry.

Meet Our Team

CEO of Sanicle

Roxanne Stewart is the Chief Executive Officer. Growing up in a house filled with women, she was the oldest of five girls. At the age of 14, her parents went their separate ways, leading to a period of time where she lived with her father. Discussing her period was something neither of them were comfortable with, except when it came to providing her with the necessary pads. Throughout her life, Roxanne experienced heavy bleeding during her periods, and it wasn't she was diagnosed with Menorrhagia (Men-uh-ray-jee-uh). that she realized understanding one's own body is crucial to maintaining good health and peace of mind. She started her career in sales after graduating from Penn State University, with a Bachelors' of Science in Psychology. She's worked for companies such as TruGreen, Travco Ent, and Macy's, before migrating into the financial sector. She joined Metro Bank in 2014 as a Customer Service Rep and stayed throughout the merger with First National Bank, where she became a Personal Banker, getting certified in Life and Health Insurance. Today, entrepreneurship has taken a hold of her though. In 2021 she and husband Christopher Chaste Inegbedion started two companies. Fotokopy, which has fulfilled a long time passion for photography and Padbandque aka Sanicle.

Chaste Inegbedion

CPO of Sanicle

Chaste Inegbedion the Chief Period Officer aka Chief Product Officer (Mr. Padman). The idea for Sanicle originated from Chaste's personal narrative. Born and raised in Nigeria, Africa, Chaste witnessed the scarcity of resources and income in the region. Many girls in Nigeria face challenges in accessing menstrual supplies and lack accurate information about this significant phase of their lives. Chaste became aware of how these period-related issues impact female health, education, and self-esteem, profoundly affecting them. He is the author of the Period Passport. He is a committed SDGs Advocate focusing on Gender Equality, Good Education, Sustainable Employment & Economic Advancement. He is an advocate for Female Empowerment & Gender Equality. He is a US State Department-sponsored Scholar for the GIST Women's Workshop, Mandela Washington Fellowship Semi-Finalist and Africa America Institute sponsored Scholar for a Social Sector Management program at Pan Atlantic University. At the UN recently, he stole the heart of the UN-PGA by doing a One-One Session and he moderated a session during the UN-CSW to dialogue on Engaging Men & Boys on Gender Equality! Chaste is a recipient of the African Community Achievement Award based in Los Angeles and Manevia African Leadership Award for Social Innovation. A Member of the Public Relations Society of America, United Nations Association of the United States of America, The Climate Reality Project New York City Metro Chapter and Wikimedia New York City.

COO of Sanicle

Tosin Oni, also known as Sage Signo, is an accomplished Chief Operating Officer at Sanicle. With a diverse background in marketing, business consulting, and problem-solving, he brings a unique blend of technical expertise, logical thinking, and creative iterations to deliver outstanding results. Starting his career as an engineer in the Oil & Gas sector, Tosin discovered his passion for creativity, leading him to venture into digital marketing, content creation, and events management. He pursued his Master's in Business, specializing in Marketing, and is currently pursuing his PhD in IT from the University of the Cumberland's. Over the past decade, Tosin has played a pivotal role in bootstrapping and growing startups in the US and Africa, wearing multiple hats to ensure their success and drive meaningful results. Currently, he serves as the Creative Director at theJackHub, his own startup focused on marketing, web development, and business growth. Tosin actively engages with his local community, supporting various groups and advocating for human rights, people of color, women, and children. He has served on the boards of several African and Black community organizations. In his leisure time, Tosin indulges in his love for technology and traveling, creating engaging content. He is also an accomplished singer, rapper, and producer with multiple EPs to his credit. He actively organizes and participates in events and causes that promote social justice, improve the lives of people in the black community, combat racism, and alleviate poverty.

CMO of Sanicle

Zaakirah (zaa-key-ra) Muhammad is the Chief of Marketing Operations (CMO). As a woman with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, she is passionate about educating, empowering, and raising awareness about menstrual health. Zaakirah began experiencing irregular cycles at the young age of eight. Having traveled to four African countries, she has firsthand witnessed the challenges faced by women concerning reproductive health in impoverished areas. She has more than 10 years of professional photography and branding experience. She empowers people to step outside of their comfort zone through her gift of visual storytelling. Zaakirah empowers and supports the growth of minority-owned businesses. She has overcome many challenges, including cancer, and autoimmune illnesses to establish herself as an innovative voice in the marketing industry. She is the author of Seeing Life Through a Different Lens: A Survivor’s Memoir on Overcoming Adversity with Resilience. She also hosts the podcast called See Life Different.

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