Roxanne Stewart

CEO of Sanicle

Roxanne Stewart is the Chief Executive Officer. She started her career in sales after graduating from Penn State University, with a Bachelors’ of Science in Psychology. She’s worked for companies such as TruGreen, Travco Ent, and Macy’s, before migrating into the financial sector. She joined Metro Bank in 2014 as a Customer Service Rep and stayed throughout the merger with First National Bank, where she became a Personal Banker, getting certified in Life and Health Insurance. In her work, she helped get families coverage with life insurance and helped them navigate different ways to build wealth and have their money grow. Today Roxanne is still in banking, working at U.S. Bank. Entrepreneurship has taken a hold of her though. In 2021 she and husband Christopher Chaste Inegbedion started two companies. Fotokopy, which has fulfilled a long time passion for photography and Padbandque aka Sanicle.


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