Community is the New It for Women in the Workplace: Pangia and Sanicle Join Forces

Tulsa – In a strategic move to redefine community engagement and support for women in the workplace, Pangia and Sanicle proudly announce their partnership. This collaboration aims to introduce a paid community portal designed to address menstrual health concerns and foster a sense of community among working women.

Kickstarting the Community with a Limited-Time Discount

To mark the launch of this innovative partnership, we are offered a special discount as an incentive to embark on their community experience tailored to address menstrual health concerns. The discount provides an accessible entry point for women seeking support and information in a community setting.

The security code to join the community is SANICLE. After the promo period, pricing scales are designed to keep the community accessible. Most women will access the community through their workplace wellness program.

Empowering Women through #PowerInPeriod Challenge Campaign

In an effort to build a strong and engaging community, Pangia and Sanicle have initiated their first co-branded campaign – the #PowerInPeriod Challenge. This campaign encourages women to share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs related to menstrual health, fostering a supportive and empowering environment.

Limited Beta Launch and Community-First Approach

“When we started on our generative AI journey, we made a very conscious decision to go with what we are calling the federated approach to AI. That means the way we are designing our products is that we can use different models in the backend, and piloting with a community-first approach,” stated Chaste Inegbedion, Chief Period Officer at Sanicle.

Ecosystem Management for B2B Partnership

As B2B companies increasingly generate revenue through partner ecosystems, Pangia’s product falls into the category of ecosystem management. According to Kemi Levi Pangia, “We believe that integrating Pangia into Sanicle will significantly boost customer engagement and community feel.” The collaboration between Pangia and Sanicle goes a step further by involving sales and marketing teams in the process, focusing on lead generation, community engagement, and providing solutions for women’s menstrual health concerns.

Beta Testing and Future Expansion

The features of the paid community portal are set to launch in a limited beta to a group of workforce women testers soon. The feedback and insights gained during this beta phase will be instrumental in refining and expanding the platform for a broader audience.

For more information on how to join the community contact

To start a workplace wellness community in your workplace, contact

About Pangia

Pangia is a pioneering force in ecosystem management, providing tools to navigate and manage B2B partner ecosystems. With a focus on technology-driven solutions, Pangia uses personality profiling, AI, and location data to help build communities and connections, to revolutionize the way businesses approach and foster partnerships.

About Sanicle

Sanicle is a healthcare technology company committed to revolutionizing women’s health through innovative AI solutions. Their mission is to make healthcare more accessible, personalized, and supportive, with a focus on menstrual health and wellness.


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