Open Call for Speakers and Sponsors for our Menstrual Health Summit and Women in the Workplace Awards 2024

The evolution of A.I. in menstrual health, where humans and machines forge between employers and employees in the workplace. This exclusive, invitation-only reception in May 2024 is designed to build a powerful community of leaders at the crossroads of business, technology, and healthcare—executives driving innovation in the world’s most critical industry. This intimate one-day event features exhibitions, learning sessions, a hybrid format, music, comedy, fashion, and culminates in an awards ceremony. Join us for an extraordinary gathering of influential leaders shaping the future of menstrual health, technology, and business.

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Event Context:

This event, crafted by women, will be a prominent invitation-only conference attracting C-suite executives from hospitals, insurers, pharmaceutical and device makers, as well as leaders in technology, telecommunications, food and beverage production, fitness, and various industries. Attendees will span Fortune 50-500 companies, startups, VCs, researchers, and thought leaders. The theme, “Finding Your New Power,” sets the stage for insightful discussions, collaborative learning, and impactful connections.

Summit Highlights:

In a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, we address pivotal questions on industry resilience, adaptation, and groundbreaking innovations. From managing employee burnout to leveraging new AI tools for global patient outcomes, our discussions encompass the most significant opportunities and challenges in today’s healthcare system.

Ethics and A.I.:

Delve into the ethical dimensions of A.I. and machine learning, exploring the moral choices and prejudices embedded in these systems. As we grapple with the ethical challenges posed by vast data use, discover where the greatest dangers lie and how leaders can navigate them.

A.I. and Sustainability:

Experience the transformative potential of A.I. as it permeates various sectors, disrupting the status quo. Engage in conversations about building a future-proof AI-powered world for menstrual health, considering sustainability and accessibility as integral components.

Female Founders Breakfast: Navigating Business Realities

Amidst a landscape of volatility, inflation, and financial constraints, Sanicle invites female founders to an exclusive gathering – the Female Founders Breakfast. Tailored for tech entrepreneurs, this intimate event provides a platform for early-stage members to delve into topics crucial for business sustainability and growth. Explore strategies for enduring impact, viability, and profitability, share best practices, and foster meaningful connections. Engage in insightful conversations on navigating market volatility, mastering hiring and firing dynamics, securing funding during economic downturns, and honing the skills essential for wartime leadership. Join this intentional breakfast, where knowledge meets collaboration in an empowering space for female founders.

Awards and Recognition:

Celebrate organizations dedicated to creating inclusive workplaces that empower and elevate women. The Women in the Workplace Award recognizes both female employees and employers committed to advancing women’s careers, fostering gender equality, and promoting best practices.

If you are interested in speaking or sponsoring, please email

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