Sanicle 28 Empower Hour

Sanicle is a femtech startup bridging the taboo conversations about period stigma. One of the ways we do that is by having a conversation that is safe, intimate and empowering on the 28th day of the month. This power hour empowers menstruators to take the next cycle of the menstrual cycle and the next cycle of your moon cycle to the next level. The empower hour is used to talk about mental health, menstrual health, and any part of health. For inspiring and informative open discussions, shared experiences, and empowerment, “Sanicle 28” is a meet-up event designed in mind with close-knit group of friends to come together and engage in meaningful conversations about menstruation, mental health, and overall wellness. We network, break the period stigma, share stories, and uplift each other for an hour as we navigate the different facets of being marginalized.


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