Sanicle’s Period Heroes Initiative: Empowering Menstrual Health Education


Sanicle, a femtech company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is making waves in the menstrual health space with its groundbreaking Period Heroes initiative. This educational blog post explores Sanicle’s partnership with Procter and Gamble, along with the various organizations involved, to raise awareness, provide resources, and empower individuals in understanding the importance of menstrual health. Join us as we delve into the impact of Sanicle’s Period Heroes initiative and its ongoing mission to eliminate the stigma surrounding menstrual health discussions.

Sanicle’s Partnership with Procter and Gamble:

In the fourth quarter of 2023, Sanicle joined forces with Procter and Gamble to facilitate a remarkable donation drive. As part of their Period Heroes initiative, an impressive 22,000 Always pads and tampons were donated. This collaboration aimed to make menstrual hygiene products more accessible to individuals in need, emphasizing the significance of menstrual health and its impact on overall well-being.

Organizations Involved:

Several notable organizations in the Tulsa area played a crucial role in Sanicle’s donation drive and packing parties. Let’s explore these organizations and their contributions to the Period Heroes initiative:

1. MetCares Foundation:

The MetCares Foundation has been at the forefront of eliminating disparities in North Tulsa. By working closely with the local community, the foundation focuses on transforming the academic and social outcomes of PK-12 students. Through the Period Heroes initiative, MetCares Foundation distributed 684 tampons and 384 size 3 pads, along with 312 size 4 pads.

2. Amplify Tulsa:

Amplify Tulsa is a youth health collective dedicated to advancing sexual health education and access to reproductive health resources. By fostering community engagement and collaboration, Amplify Tulsa aims to create a strong network of organizations working together to empower young people. Their involvement in the Period Heroes initiative resulted in the distribution of 1,026 tampons, 2,112 size 3 pads, and 468 and 198 size 4 pads.

3. Muskogee High School:

Muskogee High School serves as an educational hub for students in grades 10 through 12, offering a diverse range of programs and facilities. As part of the Period Heroes initiative, Muskogee High School received 264 pads and 192 tampons, ensuring that female students have access to essential menstrual hygiene products.

4. Tulsa Period Pantry:

Tulsa Period Pantry plays a pivotal role in raising awareness, support, and resources for menstrual health in the community. Collaborating with schools, businesses, and organizations, Tulsa Period Pantry aims to reduce period poverty and provide lifelong impact. Through the Period Heroes initiative, they distributed 1,368 tampons, 1,728 size 3 pads, and 1,092 size 4 pads.

5. Institute for Native Arts & Media (INAM):

The Institute for Native Arts & Media (INAM) focuses on promoting Indigenous Sovereignty through arts and media. With a particular emphasis on addressing period poverty, INAM received 66 pads and 64 tampons to support individuals in need, including the Riverside Indian School.

Sanicle’s Engaging Initiatives:

Sanicle has been at the forefront of developing creative initiatives and campaigns to foster open conversations about menstrual health. Let’s explore some of their notable initiatives:

1. The Period Passport:

Sanicle’s Period Passport aims to educate individuals about menstrual health across different cultures and regions. Through this initiative, Sanicle encourages embracing diversity and understanding the unique challenges faced by individuals worldwide.

2. The Period Genie Game:

Sanicle’s Period Genie Game is an interactive and educational experience that aims to debunk myths, answer questions, and provide accurate information about menstrual health. This engaging game is designed to empower individuals with knowledge and promote healthy practices.

3. The Menstrual Health Summit:

Sanicle’s Menstrual Health Summit brings together experts, activists, and individuals passionate about menstrual health. This summit serves as a platform for insightful discussions, sharing experiences, and fostering connections to drive positive change in menstrual health education and awareness.


Sanicle’s Period Heroes initiative, in collaboration with Procter and Gamble and various organizations, is making a remarkable impact on menstrual health education. By providing resources, raising awareness, and encouraging inclusive conversations, Sanicle is breaking down barriers and eliminating the stigma surrounding menstrual health. Join Sanicle on this transformative journey as they continue to empower individuals and foster a gender-equal and respectful approach to menstrual health.


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