Tips To Maintaining A Good Menstrual Hygiene

Menstruation is one of the most important bodily functions that requires extreme caution and self-care. The key to easing the pain you experience during menstrual period is to maintain adequate cleanliness and eat a healthy diet. 

Below are a few things to help you maintain a good menstrual hygiene.

  • Every 4-6 hours, replace your sanitary pad:

The cardinal guideline for maintaining vaginal cleanliness is to change sanitary pads or tampons once every 4-6 hours. When menstrual blood is produced, it draws a variety of organisms from our bodies, which multiply in the warm blood and cause discomfort, rashes, and urinary tract infections. The growth of these organisms is slowed and infections are prevented by changing your sanitary napkin or tampon on a regular basics.

  • Properly clean yourself:

Because germs stick to your body after you’ve removed your sanitary pads, it’s critical to wash your vaginal area on a frequent basis. Most individuals wash their hands on a regular basis, but not in the proper manner—that is, from the vagina to the anus, not the other way around. When you move your hand from the anus to the vagina, bacteria from the anus can spread to the vaginal or urethral entrance, causing infections.

  • Properly dispose of the sanitary napkin:

It’s crucial to properly dispose of your tampons and sanitary napkins. Before throwing them out, wrap them properly to prevent bacteria and illnesses from spreading. Make sure you don’t flush them because this will clog the toilet, causing the water to back up and spread bacteria all over the place. Because you’re likely to contact the discolored area while wrapping the used tampons and sanitary napkins, properly washing your hands is critical after you’ve wrapped and thrown them.

  • Soaps and vaginal hygiene products should not be used:

While utilizing vaginal hygiene products on a daily basis is a good idea, doing so during menses can cause problems. Vaginas have their own cleansing system that works during menstrual cycles, and these artificial hygiene products might obstruct this natural process, resulting in infections and bacteria growth.

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