End of Year Event Recap

As the season of giving begins and as we countdown to 2024, we’re updating you on the progress Sanicle has made this year, made possible by your support. Here are some our events this year.

Chaste and Roxanne moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania through the Tulsa Remote program in September 2022

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In November, 2022, we held the Women of Wakanda Virtual Summit with 35 Speakers and later the Wakanda Forever movie premiere event with 50 attendees. The “Wakanda Forever Summit” with the theme “Celebrating Women Extraordinary” united women from different industries across the diaspora. It aimed to foster networking and discuss how we can inspire the next generation of remarkable women. The event also shed light on the pressing need to address societal inequality and gender bias.

Anthem/closing song: Faith Okereke

Online Event Manager: Onyinye Onyejiaka:

Host: Anitra Parish

Goodwill Address 

  • Lawrence Watkins
  • Tre Baker
  • Justin Harlan

Opening Keynote: Hawa Kamara Diallo

Media Panel

  1. Moderator Pamela D Marshall
  2. Zaakirah Muhammad
  3. Funmi Eko 
  4. Lia Miller
  5. Adedayo Fashanu

Social Impact Panel

  1. Moderator Patience Gitau
  2. Isoken Ibie
  3. Shawna Curran
  4. Adrian Ogans

Tech Panel

  1. Moderator – Shakira Monet Johnson
  2. Ruth Jeremiah
  3. Nicole Evans
  4. Amanda Peterson
  5. Danielle Smith
  6. Lisa Love

Entrepreneurship Panel 

  1. Moderator – Tameca Johnson
  2. Chi Ilochi
  3. Isoken Ibie
  4. Shatora Adrell
  5. Anie Akpe

He for She Gender Equality Panel

  1. Chibueze Okereke
  2. Yeves Perez
  3. David Tollette
  4. Olanrewaju Adewole
  5. Wantoe Wantoe
  6. Stephen Oguntoyinbo

Closing Keynote: Desiree Frieson

Repertoire: Virginia Ruffin

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In January 2023, we held the MLK Dream On Summit in honor of Martin Luther King Day of Service. We held a screening of Selma providing an opportunity for Tulsa residents to reflect on what Dr. King stood for in the past, providing insight on how communities can move forward today. Panelists then engaged in discussion around the pursuit of a “Beloved Community”—Dr. King’s vision for a local living environment free of hatred, injustice, and poverty. We then partnered with Met Church to donate 50 nonperishable food boxes from Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. The Dream On project is a year-long service where there is an unending thread of events devoted to Sanicle’s core values of education, impact, and active citizenship in Tulsa. The Dream on Service award is for the bravest and most daring, forward-thinking leaders and Institutions in Tulsa based on outstanding leadership qualities and demonstration of excellence and innovation in humanitarian practices and socio-economic development in Tulsa, exceptional contribution and persistent advocacy to promote the attainment of peace, integrity, democracy, and good governance in Tulsa.

Host: Nicole English, University of Oklahoma


  • Amnoni Myers, You Are The Prize (Mental Health)
  • Obum Ukabam, Black Actors League (Creativity)
  • Crystal Ifekoya, Boss Encounters (Entrepreneurship)
  • Dr. Angela K. Chambers, VP NAACP TULSA (Local Advocacy and Service)
  • Ray’Chel Wilson, CFEI, Raise the Bar Investments (Finance)

Keynote: Phil K. Armstrong, Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice

Honorees (including the speakers):

  • Ashli Sims – Build in Tulsa 
  • Kasha Taylor – Melanin Vibes
  • Libryia Jones – Quit Commuting
  • Lisa Jae – 5th and Fab
  • Holberton Tulsa
  • Shagah Zakerion  
  • Adrian Ogan – Cinergy Theater
  • Dr. Ray Owens and Merton Huff of Met Church Tulsa

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  • Moderator Crystal Ifekoya – WHOW (Women Helping Other Women) Network
  • Ray’Chel Wilson, CFEI – Raise the Bar Investments
  • Abi Bermudez – Abfinancial Pro
  • Hannah Lee – Mon Amie Nail and Spa
  • Walela Knight – Rock the Native Vote
  • Sandra Tolliver – Tolliver Law
  • Shazia Rizwanzls – Shay’s Threading and Beauty Salon

In commemoration of Menstrual Hygiene Day,, CF Industries, and Metropolitan Baptist Church Tulsa partnered and encouraged members, employees, partners, consumers, and customers to support and promote greater access to menstrual hygiene and health products and push back period taboos and stigma. The theme for the summit was “We are Committed: Understanding the Black Menstrual Health Crisis in Tulsa”. This hybrid summit offered space for learning about these disparities, discussions, and mobilization to transform Black Menstrual Health, rights, and justice. The ongoing work to champion the progress of women, fight period stigmas through education, and promote greater access to menstrual hygiene products brought together expert clinicians, service providers, wellness experts, and Black professionals. Click the link above to read full event recap.


Constanzia Nizza, State of Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs

Merton Huff, Met Church Tulsa

Keynote: Nehemiah D. Frank, The Black Wall Street Times

Sponsor Keynote: Claudio Nascimento – CF Industries

15 In person Speakers:

  1. Moderator Caragan Tillman – Tulsa Innovation Labs
  2. Chrystyan Cross – Oklahoma City Chapter
  3. Rose Hurd – With Love Births
  4. Aiko Pickering – Monthly
  5. Dominique Black- Black Tulsa Network / Tulsa Remote
  1. Moderator Dr. Ben Barenberg – Optimal Health Associates
  2. Joshua Bowers – Formely Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce
  3. Marquess Dennis Jr – Tulsa Dream Center / Birthright Living Legacy
  4. Juhon Irons – KIPP Schools
  5. Darell Frater – Visible Hands
  6. Kyle Smith – Builders and Backers

Virtual Submissions:

  1. Cordney “Mac Woods” McClain
  2. Justin Harlan – Tulsa Remote
  3. Carlisha Bradley – WE Nation


  • In Her HeAls
  • Queen Kisses
  • Brown Bird Butterfly Inc
  • Tender’s Exotic Goods
  • Tulsa Responds
  • Chifa Foods
  • Onifade’s Cookies

Virtual Host: Priscilla Siwela

Virtual Keynote: Hawa Kamara Diallo 

Virtual Keynote: Chief Egunwale Amusan 

Virtual Men Speakers:

  1. Ogene Ogbodo
  2. Olayinka Akinranti 
  3. Kolawole Akinmuyiwa 
  4. Ibrahim Erogbogbo 
  5. Stephen Yinka Oguntoyinbo

Ghanaian Women Panel

  • Dr. Delia Gillis
  • Georgina Amoako
  • Dr Patricia Sandra Richardson
  • Pamm Takyiwaa

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In August for Black Business Month, we launched the Lady Greenwood Initiative. Lady Greenwood is more than just a monthly box. It offers access to a community of Black women entrepreneurs and health and wellness professionals in Tulsa. You can connect with them through a dedicated platform designed to support, encourage, and inspire members. It’s a place to learn about the monthly box’s featured businesses, share your own knowledge and experiences on wellness, personal development, and entrepreneurship. Vendors featured:

  • Tamiqua Whittaker – Queen Kisses – Sample Lip Exfoliator Scrub
  • Tanisha Scott – Girlz Talk – Water bottle
  • Grace Owa – MissNile Natural Beauty Products – Deodorant
  • Ebony Jones – 8twenty8 LLC – Period Tea
  • LaChelle Wells-Dixon – Titilayo herbs – Bath Salt
  • Katina Walker – Roots Skincare – Yoni Oil
  • Michelle Baker – Align Minerals – Sea Moss Gel
  • Sanicle – Period Passport Book
  • Dr. Sharde’ Roebuck Turner – Xclusiv – Ayurvedic facial mask and ear seeds kit
  • Shyah Dickerson – Little Engine Project – The Lineage of Love book

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“Sanicle 28” is a meet-up event designed in mind with close-knit group of friends to come together and engage in meaningful conversations about menstruation, mental health, and overall wellness. We network, break the period stigma, share stories, and uplift each other for an hour as we navigate the different facets of being marginalized.

  • Facilitator – Dr. Andreya Williams
  • Kasha Taylor – Melanin Vibes
  • Tamiqua Whittaker – Queen Kisses
  • TJ Woodberry – Poppi’s Spa + Lounge
  • Tanesha Rushing  – Mi Tea Lounge
  • Danielle Melton – Mother Board Society
  • Venita Cooper – Silhouette Sneakers
  • Elle McCray – Onyx
  • Kelsey Davis – Cllective
  • Lachelle Wells Dixon – Titilayo Herbs
  • Rose Hurd – With Love Births
  • Martina Wilson

Filmed International Day of the Girl Child. Click the link to read full event recap.

International Day of the Girl Child SHEROES Event raised awareness for girls entering the S.T.E.A.M space and for advocacy of their menstrual health. Speakers were inspirational role models, encouraging intellectual conversations, and promoting S.T.E.A.M-related pursuits to empower these girls to make informed decisions, dream big, and become leaders in their respective fields.


  1. Tyrance Billingsley II, Black Tech Street
  2. PreMadonna Braddick, Soaring Eagles Youth & Family Services
  3. Damali Wilson, World Won Development
  4. Dr. Runako Whittaker, Pediatrician, Westview Medical Center
  5. Aaron Sloan, Engine Room VR and Boxing Gym


  1. Ray’Chel Wilson, CFEI, For Our Last Names
  2. Hawa Kamara Diallo, United Nations
  3. Dr. Carmen McNeil, Period of Empowerment
  4. Cordney “Mac Woods” McClain

In November, Chaste, Chief Period (Product) Officer, hosted a fireside chat called the Future of Black Femtech at Afrotech’s Health Summit with special guest Crystal Etienne, CEO of Ruby Love. She is a trailblazing Black female entrepreneur and is a major player in the period apparel sector within the femtech industry. She secured historic funding as a solo Black woman founder in the tech sector. Alongside her husband, she co-founded CaJE Inc., in 2021, an investment firm supporting Black women entrepreneurs. Crystal’s journey includes bootstrapping Ruby Love to over $10 million in revenue and growing it into an $80 million+ company within 6 years. Crystal is currently focused on investing in Black women. Click the link to read full event recap.

In November during Global Entrepreneurship Week, Zaakirah, Chief Marketing Officer, spoke at 1 Million Cups on our newest initiative. We are developing a revolutionary AI app that serves as a business-to-business and community-based platform. Its purpose is to connect employees with OB-GYNs, equipping them with comprehensive information about menstrual disorders., is a cutting-edge platform that seamlessly integrates community chats with traditional menstrual healthcare solutions. This transformative solution not only provides a sneak peek into the future of digital healthcare but also empowers employers and health plans to offer vital menstrual health benefits to their employees.

Quarter Four of 2023, Sanicle partnered with Procter and Gamble to have a donation of 2,000 Always pads and tampons as a part of their Period Heroes initiative. We partnered with a handful of Tulsa, Oklahoma based femtech and menstrual health organizations to donate.

In 2024 We…

If you know any students wanting to add to their portfolio, we are seeking interns. Contact Us.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our vendors, speakers, and attendees for making these events memorable. We’re truly excited about the positive impact we’ve collectively created, and we look forward to more moments of unity and empowerment in the coming year. Your commitment to our mission of empowering diverse founders and menstruators to excel without interruption has opened access and new opportunities for a vibrant network of innovators. Thank you for an impactful year!

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